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Whoever said you can’t be innovative and efficient has never been to Bryan Cranston’s beach house. The star of Breaking Bad has recently decided to go green with the construction of his beach house. When it comes to going green in the construction industry, modular construction is the only way to go.

In the 1950s, modular construction garnered the majority of its business from mobile homes or temporary housing and storage, glitz and glamour was far from the top of an architect’s mind. As time progressed so has the industry’s willingness to develop and do more with less. It comes down to dollars and sense, and being able to deliver a project in a shorter time-frame at a lower price without sacrificing quality is a no-brainer. Bryan Cranston wanted “both form and function” when designing his house, which is illustrated in the guest bedroom, which features a couch that can easily transform into a bed in seconds.


The house itself was constructed with recycled materials and includes solar panels on the roof, which has virtually cut the electricity bill in half each month. Most people think about going green as an alternative approach to building the house of their dream, but through careful planning and construction, innovation and efficiency can go hand-in-hand.


Bryan Cranston is one of the first celebrities to take advantage of modular construction, but with Hollywood’s desire to go green, he most certainly won’t be the last.


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Modular construction is known for building with more efficiency and in a shorter time-frame. New York City, where the only thing higher than the skyscrapers is the price of rent, seems like the perfect place for modular construction.

Apartments can be built quickly and with such precision that utilizes the space in a manner that will produce the most efficient apartment complexes, so why is it failing?

The population of New York City is only going to increase, which leads to an increase in density. New construction will need to utilize the space available in the most efficient manner because there is only so much space and it is not cheap. When property becomes expensive, rent becomes expensive.

Modular construction is off-site, but it needs a factory and it’s become too expensive to pay for a factory in New York City. The solution was to build a factory overseas in order to minimize costs. Unfortunately. if the architect working on the project is in New York City and the factory is thousands of miles away in another country, key details can get lost in translation. Communication is not always convenient, especially if the time zones are different. These issues can be resolved, but time is money and a company cannot afford to stop work and think about what the best strategy should be moving forward. nmn

Will modular construction never work in New York City? Of course not, but for the time being, even modular construction can’t afford to pay rent in New York City.


It is not a new notion that modular design offers many benefits to traditional on-site construction. Building in a climate controlled, indoor factor has shown to lower construction costs, use materials more efficiently and generate an earlier stream of income in certain scenarios.

A new form of modular construction that has shown an increase in popularity is the construction of bathroom pods. Bathroom pods follow a factory-like philosophy, which allows repeatable components to be manufactured at a faster pace.

The current markets that bathroom pods are serving include: hospitality, student housing, healthcare and multifamily homes. These markets have acknowledged that they will be duplicating the same design over again and have taken advantage of a way to make factory operations 250% more efficient. Bathroom pods also allow manufacturers the ability to dip their toe in modular construction by allowing one facet of their construction if the rest of their building will be made in a traditional on-site approach.

Bathroom pods while manufactured in the factory are then shipped and can be installed by contractors. Typically the logistics for shipping and installation is predetermined and the pods can be delivered in as little as 22 days.


Read More about the Innovation Bathroom Pods are Offering:

10 trends have stood out over the past year and should continue to show an increase in 2017:

1. Collaborative projects have been an increasing trend in the industry and show no signs of slowing down in the new year.

2. The labor shortage will continue to plague all facets of the industry.

3. Uncertainties will persist under the new administration.

4. Modular construction is further cementing its place in the industry.

5. A spending boost in infrastructure is expected.

6. The Internet of Things will continue to revolutionize the job site.

7. Construction costs as a whole will continue to rise.

8. Virtual and Augmented Reality will generate more buzz in the industry as it has a great potential to increase collaboration.

9. The sustainable construction movement aims to change its message.

10. Construction firms will need to answer questions over fraud and safety scrutiny.

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Mark Line employees decided to join in the holiday spirits early this year by sponsoring a mother and her two children. Employees set out to raise $500 for a single mother of two, an 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son who was diagnosed with autism, and exceeded expectations by raising over $1500. The generous donations helped buy presents for the entire family.

Besides being skilled craftsmen, our team in Pennsylvania is also generous.


Construction is underway for the East Bank Flats apartment complex, which will stand 5 stories tall and include a pool on the rooftop. The building will sit on a lot near Colfax and Sycamore at the rear of East Bank Town homes.The first floor will host commercial space, while the remaining four floors will host apartments.

The project is scheduled to be completed in April of this year as construction has already been underway at a nearby factory, which helped expedite the construction schedule.

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A key concept to understand with modular construction is that it is simply a delivery method rather than a different end product. The technology can be used to deliver everything from industrial facilities in temporary applications up to projects like East Bank Flats, an urban luxury midrise building that will occupy the top-end of the market. Situated on an urban infill site in downtown South Bend, street level retail will be constructed as a conventional podium atop which (4) levels of luxury condos and rooftop amenity space will be fabricated offsite and stacked in place. The building is engineered to support a rooftop lap pool, vegetated dog run, grill space, and sun deck.

The NBC affiliate recently toured Mark Line’s Bristol, IN facility to see the project in process. Watch video of the tour and read the entire article here:

Modular Luxury Apartments Rise in South Bend

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Lodging Magazine wrote a simple yet impacting article on modular’s ever-growing foothold in the conventional construction arena. Hotels are prime candidates for modular construction because you’ll get a quicker ROI (Up to 40% like most other projects) faster, and the repetitive designs are more conducive to the modular manufacturing process. If you think your next construction could benefit, call Mark Line today!


Mark Line industries, as a victim of its incredible success (and humility) is hiring for multiple positions. Approximately 20 production positions (With $500.00 hiring bonuses after 90 days), 2 CAD drafters, and one accountant are needed to join our team immediately. Opportunities exist for all levels of experience but positive attitudes are an absolute must. Great pay and remarkably affordable benefits when coupled with a culture of caring and corporate responsibility make working for Mark Line as attractive as the buildings we create. If you’re considering a change, come to the place that thrives on a culture of innovation. Apply for any of these positions by clicking the link below:

Good Jobs for Good People

Good Jobs for Good People

Jason MorenoMark Line industries is proud to announce the hiring of Jason Moreno as our new Strategic Initiatives Manager. Jason comes to us from the not from profit sector where he was a nationally respected community organizer. As Strategic Initiatives Manager, he will use his skills to create synergy amongst the employees inside the building and build relationships with the surrounding community and clients.

From the Elkhart Truth:

“His last day with LaCasa, where he has worked since early 2013, will be Jan. 29. He will start Feb. 1 at Mark Line Industries, a Bristol-based manufacturer of modular schools, offices and other structures.”

“As a La Casa organizer, Moreno has been active and vocal in advocating for south Elkhart and residents in the older, lower-income neighborhood.”