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Mark Line Industries along with Mosaic Capital Group continue to position themselves as leaders and innovators in the modular construction world. John Morrison, VP, Business Development, Mark Line Industries and Joe Blockno, Managing Partner, Mosaic Capital Group will be hosting educational sessions at the 2016 World of Modular Annual Convention and Tradeshow from March 17th t0 March 20th in San Diego, CA. Contact our sales department today and work with the group that other groups learn from!

From the Modular Building Institute:

“As modular construction has evolved from temporary facilities where blueprints for the ‘real’ building were stored, to a modern method used to construct even very complex buildings, the financial, development, design and construction aspects have similarly become more complex. Mosaic Capital Group and their family of companies, including modular fabricator Mark Line Industries, offer a unique and panoramic view of permanent modular construction (PMC) from the perspectives of every stakeholder involved in a PMC project. Mr. Morrison and Mr. Blockno will discuss the financial implications of modular construction and how it is viewed by typical lenders, REITs and private equity, the considerations of a developer, the perspective of the A/E/C team and their interface with the modular fabricator, and those of the end user, operator, or building occupant.”


Team Oracle USA needed to get their 2017 America’s Cup racing headquarters fully operational in record time to prepare for early stage racing competitions starting this summer. To help achieve this, Nadler Modular Structures shipped four custom, prefabricated buildings from Mark Line’s manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania to Team Oracle USA’s new Bermuda base at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

The time from ordering and constructing the modules to transporting them to Bermuda was less than 60 days; and once received could be installed in less than a week. The mobile structures will be used to house a variety of important services for Team Oracle USA, including: a physicians’ module, a separate medical module, a shower module, and a restroom module.

Learn more about the Team Oracle Bermuda Base.


John Morrison will be moderating a panel on development with modular fabrication for Multifamily Executive this October.

The panel topic is:

Pre-Fab(ulous): The Evolution of Modular Housing            

Once considered an afterthought, this construction technique is rapidly gaining favor among multifamily developers due to its impact on construction cycle times and ultimately, on the bottom line. As the modular building industry matures, the designs are growing in sophistication and scale. Here, some of the nation’s top developers and early adopters will showcase their designs and lessons learned along the way.

Be sure to register here.


Mark Line’s own John Morrison will be presenting at World of Modular 2015 in Las Vegas on Monday March 16th.  He will be discussing Mark Line’s urban housing program and prototype, the result of a design-build collaboration with AMSS, Garrison-Architects and the City of New York, producing the nation’s first urban density interim housing solution.

Read more and register here.


CMD is out with their latest data on non-residential starts.  Interpret the numbers as you wish, but sectors served by prefabrication and modularization appear to be ticking upward – particularly hospitality (a market particularly well-suited to highly finished volumetric units) and healthcare (a sector with increasing prevalence of the use of limited prefabricated components).


Long time inspiration and champion of prefabrication and modularization, Dwell magazine (if you don’t have a subscription you should get one, and if you don’t follow the writings of former editor there Allison Arieff at @aarieff then what are you waiting for?) featured Mark Line’s project with Garrison-Architects of Brooklyn.  Go subscribe to Dwell  then follow @aarieff and don’t forget to follow us at Mark Line Modular.


The FutureHAUS prototype being researched and designed by Virginia Tech Center for Design Research (long been a driver for innovation in industrial and modular fabrication) has its first completed deliverable:  a prefab, precision-cut kitchen “cartridge” heavily embedded with the latest technology.  This research project is supported by Mark Line Modular with modular consulting by our own John Morrison as well as the Modular Building Institute.  The initial component of cartridge will be shown early next year at the nation’s major Kitchen and Bath expo.  Read the full coverage and view more images over at Architizer.


As any architect or visual designer knows, applying appropriate, seamless and high-quality textures is always a challenge when rendering and modeling both concepts and finished designs.  Architextures is an interesting new site offering high quality, seamless and quality resources is an accessible manner.  They are generously offered up under a Creative Commons license for both personal and commercial use.  Check out the collection over at Architextures!