Bank of Lancaster Modular Bank

Client:  Bank of Lancaster (Burgess, VA)

Partner:  Newground

Architectural Excellence:  Stunning … inviting … cozy.  The Bank of Lancaster wanted to be in a prime location in Burgess, with high visibility and good traffic counts.  The tiny lot had numerous restrictions, but NewGround’s expertise created a functional, efficient facility with good traffic flow. The Bank is Colonial-styled in keeping with the traditional motif of the main office. Arched windows allow more natural light into the facility and give a softer look to the entrance element. The interior space planning provided a wealth of services available for the bank’s customers to help manage their financial lives. Because of limited square footage, offices are outfitted with efficient work stations. Transactional services are fast & efficient inside the building or through the drive-up lanes or ATM. Ingress and egress to the site are logical and easy to navigate.

The building design and materials deployed were carefully selected by the NewGround architect to be consistent with the Colonial style desired.

Technical Innovation:  NewGround’s experience retail design concepts positioned product offerings for optimum visibility, maximum exposure, and ease of use by the Bank’s customers. Digital plasma screens with custom tailored sales messages are strategically positioned along with static merchandising, all geared to educating new and existing customers about the total product offering.  Utilizing factory-built construction allowed us to provide more functional space within the tiny, allowable square footage, optimize services offered, and yet still create the inviting look and feel that the Bank wanted.

Interior soffits and varying ceiling heights created the feeling of more volume and larger square footage than actually exists. The floor plan featured a curved teller counter / greeter station where staff welcomed customers and provided quick and efficient transactions or directed them to a private office for account openings, loan functions, and lengthier financial transactions and closings.

Cost Effectiveness / Energy Efficiency:  Energy efficiency was a breeze. Upgraded wall, roof and floor insulation combined with insulated traditional-style windows created as energy efficient an envelope as could be imagined. A high efficiency HVAC system featuring heat pumps will minimize operating costs while maximizing comfort for years to come.

In an area, where quality trades were extremely limited and very slow, and prices were sky high, the benefit of constructing more than 75% of the building in a factory-built environment under controlled conditions, with materials in stock, readily available, and labor even more readily available and closely supervised was gargantuan.  This was no more evident than when during the course of the project, subcontractors that had been hired and agreed to do the work, just chose not to show up or showed only when they felt like it. The schedule was only maintained because so much of the building had been built in the factory. Our client got a great value with his factory-built facility.