Hood College Locker Room

Client:  Hood College (Frederick, MD)

Partner:  U.S. Modular Group East

Challenge:  Hood College needed to add an aesthetically pleasing locker/shower room for outside sports teams, which would also include a storage area for athletic equipment and restroom facilities for the general public during sporting events.

Solution:  Mark Line and US Modular Group worked with Bushman Dreyfus Architects to design a building that was both architecturally pleasing and able to withstand the high-impact strain of sports cleats in the locker room.

The two-piece locker/shower/restroom facility was split directly down the middle with full length partition walls on mate lines to allow Mark Line to factory install the durable, easy to maintain epoxy flooring. In order to reduce electrical usage and to allow multiple showers to be used after sporting events with adequate hot water, Mark Line engineers utilized an existing gas line on site for a water heater/storage tank and re-circulation pump system.

The single unit storage module would be used to store athletic field equipment. It was constructed with a plywood interior, and the same exterior as the locker room. Mark Line installed a roll-up garage door to allow storage of larger items. Provisions were made in the factory for an icemaker to be installed on site for filling water coolers, as well as a site-installed exterior mounted drinking fountain.

Both buildings were constructed with pressure treated floor joists to allow the units to be set at grade, and eliminate the need for the typical steps and ramps seen on most modular buildings. The project’s finishing touch was the site-installed gable roof that connected both buildings together. Along with the architectural vertical trim boards that were added on site, it is not apparent that this was a three-section manufactured building.