Lexington Modular School

Client:  Lexington Public Schools (Lexington, MA)

Partner:  Triumph Modular

Challenge:  Lexington Public Schools needed a permanent expansion to deliver a modular school with 15 new classrooms to meet burgeoning enrollment.  The building needed to meet stringent Massachusetts’ stretch energy code and deliver a healthy indoor environment to students learning within the building.

Solution:  Mark Line and Triumph Modular have proven over a number of years that they are the nation’s leaders in delivering sustainable educational space using modern methods of construction such as modular fabrication.  For these reasons, the school chose our team to deliver the 18,000 square feet of space they required.  The modern exterior aesthetic was created with a high recycled content corrugated steel panel system with break-formed metal accents.  Storefront windows were utilized to provide ample daylighting with a mixture of fixed and operable types to allow for passive cooling.  Low-flow Toto fixtures reduce the water use requirements of the building.  A highly-efficient VRF (variable refrigerant flow) HVAC system delivers high-performance heating and cooling while reducing the building’s overall energy demands.  A hybrid framing system utilizing both wood and high recycled content steel delivers superior structural performance and the reflective membrane roof combats the heat island effect.

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