Lubavitch of Monsey Modular School

Client:  Lubavitch of Monsey (Monsey, NJ)

Partner:  Nadler Modular

Challenge:  A private Jewish school for girls needed a permanent multistory facility to house their educational programs.  As a private organization reliant on tuition and private donations, the client looked to leverage modular construction for the compressed construction schedule to reduce the time to realizing a return on investment and the controlled costs delivered by fabricating space within a controlled indoor environment.

Solution:  Mark Line and Nadler partnered to deliver a permanent school using a hybrid method of offsite and conventional construction.  The base building was fabricated in Pennsylvania by ML and engineered to integrate with a truss system installed in situ to form the pitched roof.  The exterior aesthetic needed to be contextually appropriate to its surroundings which feature upscale single family homes in a wooded environment.  The exterior utilizes fiber cement panels with stacked trim details.  The finished product was awarded a First Prize for Educational Facilities over 10,000 square feet at the Modular Building Institute’s Awards of Distinction.  Zalman Goldstein, a trustee for the school, said:  “Had we not explored the use of a modular school, the project probably never would have taken off because we didn’t have the money for it, and the length of time required to put up a traditional building.”

View a video of the project here.