Modular Football Press Box

Client:  A high school in Pennsylvania (with a passion for high school football to rival even Texas) had need of a press box to support their athletic efforts.

Their Need:  The High School needed to undertake an upgrade to their aging athletic venue and facilities.  This needed to include new seating, steps, ramps, and a large custom press box that could accomodate the local media, home and opposing team staff and dignitaries, and provide filming platforms shielded from the elements.

Our Solution:  To accomodate the school’s requests, Mark Line designed and built a custom press box, providing substantially more interior space than typical press boxes.  The roof of the structure is accessible with railings and a walkable surface providing a platform and camera deck for filming practices and live action for broadcast.  High-rib red commercial steel siding was matched to the schools colors, providing cohesion with the remainder of the athletic compound and reinforcing school spirit.


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