Mingo-Logan Energy Office

Client:  Mingo-Logan Energy (W. Virginia)

Partner:  Satellite Shelters

Challenge:  When a conventional construction project overran its budget due to its remote location, the client engaged Mark Line and Satellite Shelters to develop an offsite solution using the existing conventional construction documents as a base point.  The building needed to control construction costs, feature an exterior that appropriately reflected the surrounding modular terrain, and attenuated exterior noise pollution resulting from the industrial area in which the building was to be located.

Solution:  Using the existing construction documents as a reference point, Mark Line and Satellite created a new design utilizing the same footprint and foundation system, thus compressing the time to be spent in pre-construction.  Split-faced concrete block and corrugated steel siding was utilized to create a durable, low-maintenance exterior with the look of permanence the client desired.  To attenuate noise pollution, a gypsum polymer product was employed that reduced noise six times more efficiently than standard gypsum wall board.  Insulated, commercial aluminum window systems also reduce interior noise while reducing the energy demands of the building – especially important in a remote location with limited access to the main power grid.  A non-combustible vault and document storage area was created to protect critical records.