New Cumberland Army Depot

Client:  New Cumberland Army Depot (New Cumberland, PA)

Partner:  Atlantic Marine Construction

Solution:  A new pool house was needed for Army families.  The U.S. Department of Defense has been particularly interested in leveraging the controlled costs and compressed construction schedule of modular fabrication; and chose to award this to experienced federal contractors Atlantic Marine Construction and Mark Line Industries.

Solution:  Mark Line partnered with Atlantic Marine Construction to build a 2,100 square foot pool house. Building modules were delivered fully plumbed with concrete floors, and the site poured concrete deck and apron seamed into the modular floor for a continuous non-skid surface. Site installed trusses and a covered patio produced a facility that will be enjoyed by military families for decades. Mark Line was able to provide a modular building in a four-month time frame in order to have the pool house open by Memorial Day weekend.