Neurology & Stroke Associates MRI

Client:  Neurology and Stroke Associates (Lititz, PA)

Partner:  Innovative Modular Solutions

Challenge:  With the absence of a local MRI facility, Neurology & Stroke Associate’s patients faced a significant travel time and distance for medically necessary MR scans.  To improve patient experience, the client turned to Innovative Modular Solutions and Mark Line industries to fabricate a shielded MRI facility offsite that would solve the zoning and limited space challenges faced by the group.

Solution:  Following a detailed design and submittal process that spanned six months, IMS and Mark Line developed a solution to allow for the installation of a Phillips 3.0 Tesla MRI system that also allowed for an expansion of the client’s infusion treatment chairs.  The facade was designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing structure and was specified to suit the 3.0 Tesla MRI system including RF and Magnetic shielding.  The well-appointed interior features custom casework and granite countertops, an MRI viewing area and state of the art LED sky tiles to insure patient comfort.

From design, to site development, to building completion, IMS and Mark Line met all the clients needs and delivered a solution that provides the ability to offer advanced imaging for their patients using the first and only 3.0 Tesla system in the region.

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