Oak Hill Middle School

Client:  Oak Hill Middle School

Partner:  Triumph Modular

Challenge:  The City of Newton, MA needed an expansion of their existing facilities at Oak Hill Middle School.  With respect to their sustainability goals, the structure was designed to meet the energy and indoor air quality requirements of Massachusetts Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (MA-CHPS).  Mark Line and Triumph Modular produced a solution that utilized air barrier construction, a modern rainscreen cladding system, daylight harvesting, and high-performance systems.

Solution:  Mark Line and Triumph designed an air barrier envelope system with operable windows for passive cooling and a single-loaded corridor to insure proper air circulation.  Low-E fiberglass window systems reduce solar gain.  The air barrier rainscreen shifts the ‘dewpoint’ outside the building and thermal breaks integrated into the wall system eliminate the potential for mold and mildew growth.  Low-VOC materials and finishes are utilized throughout the building.  Acoustic panels are directly applied at the ceiling system as opposed to a suspended ceiling to maximize interior height and reduce disruptive noise from outside the school.  Light shelves project ambient lighting throughout the classroom and enhanced by Solatube sun tunnels.  Building automation systems control the high-efficiency lighting systems.  A high-efficiency HVAC with green refrigerant and highly insulated rainscreen envelope further reduce the building’s energy demands.  The exterior rainscreen features bright colors and provides an attractive aesthetic for the children learning within.