OVEC Modular Offices

Client:  Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC)

Partner:  EMOD, LLC

Challenge:  Ohio Valley Electric Corporation utilizes an Operations Center to support their power plants.  In the meetings for the following year, it rapidly became clear that OVEC was going to need to add a signivicant number of staff.  The company turned to EMOD Construction Co. and Mark Line Industries to create a facility that incorporated the space planning needs for the staff, would be cost-effective to construct, and would be completed on an accelerated timeline.

Solution:  EMOD and Mark Line designed a complex of modular offices meant to compliment their existing facility utilizing permanent modular construction which capitalizes on modern methods of construction and process innovation to expedite the delivery process, while controlling costs and minimizing disruption to occupants of the existing building.  Our team constructed a a turnkey building in eight weeks from groundbreaking through occupancy and provides an additional 20 offices to their existing campus.

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