Port Huron Maritime Center

Client:  Maritime Center at Vantage Point

Partner:  Bradley Leasing

Challenge:  The client needed a building that included an observation area, meeting rooms, and a visitor’s center on the shores of Lake Huron.  The building would be required to hold meetings, provide a world headquarters for BoatNerd.com, and provide a snack bar and large viewing area to observe passing Great Lakes vessels.  The facility needed to be cost-effective and be completed on an accelerated timeline.

Solution:  This 5,952, SF Maritime Center was constructed using six custom-built MARK LINE modules assembled on a picturesque waterfront. A group of nautical enthusiasts had been using the land to watch ocean going freighters when a charitable foundation decided to make their hobby available to other citizens. The building design criterion was to include space for an office, concession sales, meetings and events, and panoramic windows for river observation. The building arrived on site with interior and exterior wall finishes, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems completed. The carpet, suspended ceiling, exterior windows, furniture, and folding room divider were installed on site by our construction partner.