Potomac Shores Sales Center

Client:  Ryan Homes (Potomac Shores, MD)

Partner:  Williams-Scotsman

Architectural Excellence.

County regulations required a modular facility that would be relocated when the development was built out. The ultimate architectural achievement was to provide a relocatable structure indistinguishable from the surrounding upscale style of luxury homes while utilizing offsite construction. The building was engineered for the attachment of a covered porch area surrounding three sides. The roof system included a dormer clerestory design. Both the building and porch roof design included offsite constructed pre-engineered trusses. The interior includes a reception area, designer decorated ADA restroom, cathedral ceilings, mini café kitchen with coffee bar, recessed and pendant lighting fixtures, 8’ tall interior and entry doorways with transom and side windows, a fireplace, along with ample open space streaming with natural daylight. Exterior and interior architectural features, products, trim, and finishes all complement the adjacent model homes surrounding the golf course.

Technical Innovation + Sustainability.

A temporary removable modular roof was designed flush with the top of the perimeter walls and covered with EPDM providing complete weather protection during the installation of the offsite constructed pre-engineered roof trusses. The temp roof also served as a productivity improving platform for work to insulate, rough in MEP, and drywall the cathedral ceiling. Water, waste and electrical systems were all factory installed ready for site connections. The client benefitted by including in one contract the full design for the foundation, modular building, and surrounding porch construction which included the energy com check, and complete permit assistance. Sustainability features include; cross ventilation from high efficiency operable windows, ample natural daylight, and light fixtures choices using CFL and led bulbs. The modules utilized reusable independent outrigger carriers for transport eliminating unnecessary steel in the design.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effective measures taken include: one engineer of record was utilized to design the foundation, roof design and attaching porches while also reviewing the modular building structural design and pre-engineered truss engineering. In addition, one third party plan approval firm was chosen for state and county plan review approval for the modules and all site completed construction design. This firm provided factory and site inspections before issuing final certification approval. Every effort was made to avoid miss alignments and construction errors and over engineering while also improving the schedule. Modules were transported on re-usable carriers that stack together for return to the factory in one load, eliminating the cost of steel carrier frames that are typically permanently attached to the modules. The site completed roof and porch design allows for easy detachment and relocation of those features along with the building modules.

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