Wilmington, IL Police Department

Client:  Wilmington Police Department (Wilmington, IL)

Partner:  Williams-Scotsman

Challenge:  The Wilmington Police Department was still using a 1950’s-era building, and had run out of space. They needed a cost-competitive building to house a temporary holding cell, office space, meeting rooms, evidence storage and training space.

Solution:  Mark Line, partnered with Williams Scotsman, provided a 10-unit complex with true modular construction. The complex is set on a site built crawlspace that provides access to all utilities. The building features finished drywall, an acoustic ceiling, a complete security system, temporary holding cells, zoned HVAC systems, and detention grade plumbing fixtures in the holding cells. The exterior has a contemporary look with faux stone and ribbed steel siding. Components were provided to build a secured garage area with 11’0” ceiling height. The modular structure met their needs for a cost-competitive building that could be built and erected in a timely manner.

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