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The Mark Line family of companies recently welcomed a new member – a 3D printer.  Our sister company, Look Trailers, is currently using it to 3D print full-size models of parts and components.  Mark Line is excited to use the printer to create scale models of volumetric units to truly help clients and staff alike to visualize a completed unit as it will be built.  As a company that prides itself on innovation, we feel 3D printing technology, along with modular construction, will soon disrupt the construction industry as a whole.  Already, in Shanghai a company is 3D printing full scale homes out of a concrete polymer, and in Amsterdam a group of architects is endeavoring to 3D print a canal house.  Beyond even 3D printing, scientists at MIT recently announced they had successfully completed a prototype of 4D printing, meaning self-folding strands of 3D printed material.  This makes us consider the day when a wall can be 4D printed and automatically form raceways for electrical and mechanical systems automatically.  What do you think?