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Many readers of our blog may have noticed that Mark Line has moved upmarket recently and has been delivering architecturally demanding, urban modular buildings in places like New York City.  One challenge is fire protection.  The standard answer for this is cast in place concrete, which Mark Line is very familiar with, but we are always seeking innovation and ways to further compress the construction timeline.

Cast in place concrete takes time to pour and reinforce slabs (whether with welded wire mesh or rebar) and in the accelerated construction arena, slabs introduce an element of cure time.  For a year round builder like Mark Line, this is also problematic in winter.  Finally, the weight of the finished volumetric unit can dictate a larger size of crane in the field, introducing added costs.

One solution we have found is Structocrete from USG.  It is a non-combustible panel that provides similar fire protection properties while weighing less than a cast in place slab or precast.  We recently used this product on our NYC Urban Housing Project.