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As any architect or visual designer knows, applying appropriate, seamless and high-quality textures is always a challenge when rendering and modeling both concepts and finished designs.  Architextures is an interesting new site offering high quality, seamless and quality resources is an accessible manner.  They are generously offered up under a Creative Commons license for both personal and commercial use.  Check out the collection over at Architextures!


Low-end fiber cement products can be found cladding relocatable modular buildings across the country.  For buildings like this, residential grade fiber cement products work perfectly well at a competitive price point.  But for a high-traffic, permanent and site-specific modular building such as a hotel, high-density fiber cement is preferable.

Or it was until we learned of the Ultra High Performance Concrete Panels fabricated in the U.S. by TAKTL.  These glass fiber reinforced concrete panels take the durability factor of fiber cement to an even higher level and introduce custom textures and patterns.

Check their products out for yourself and keep your eyes peeled in 2015 as you may just see this product cladding a forthcoming Mark Line project.