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A key concept to understand with modular construction is that it is simply a delivery method rather than a different end product. The technology can be used to deliver everything from industrial facilities in temporary applications up to projects like East Bank Flats, an urban luxury midrise building that will occupy the top-end of the market. Situated on an urban infill site in downtown South Bend, street level retail will be constructed as a conventional podium atop which (4) levels of luxury condos and rooftop amenity space will be fabricated offsite and stacked in place. The building is engineered to support a rooftop lap pool, vegetated dog run, grill space, and sun deck.

The NBC affiliate recently toured Mark Line’s Bristol, IN facility to see the project in process. Watch video of the tour and read the entire article here:

Modular Luxury Apartments Rise in South Bend

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Lodging Magazine wrote a simple yet impacting article on modular’s ever-growing foothold in the conventional construction arena. Hotels are prime candidates for modular construction because you’ll get a quicker ROI (Up to 40% like most other projects) faster, and the repetitive designs are more conducive to the modular manufacturing process. If you think your next construction could benefit, call Mark Line today!



As one of a few Approved Fabricators certified by New York City to deliver site-specific modular construction into the five boroughs, we at Mark Line keep a close eye on the projects that our peers have underway.  In the past year, a number of very impressive modular buildings have been erected in the Big Apple.  One of the most daring, is the B2 Tower at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from where Mark Line’s urban housing prototype is in use by the City.  Despite the commercial dispute between the developer and the construction manager, this project is still quite innovative and we hope to see our friends at FCS Modular back into fabrication very soon.  Popular Mechanics leads off their October issue with a great in-depth feature that is worth reading here.