Work With Mark Line Modular

Work With Mark Line Modular

1 Consultation


Best practices are for the developer to engage an experienced modular fabricator from the initial phases of the design process.  Mark Line employs architectural professionals who can help guide feasability studies, help identify materials and systems that integrate efficiently with the off-site fabrication process and provide rough budgetary projections to determine the rough order of magnitude costs for fabrication of shell and core.

2 Project Development Agreement


After initial modular fabrication consultation, Mark Line has a simple Project Development Agreement that establishes a consulting relationship with the design team or development team.  Unlike many other modular companies whose Engineering departments are more accurately drafting departments, Mark Line employs a team including licensed Professional Engineers with experience in Structural and Mechanical Disciplines.

At this phase we will propose a modular structural and mechanical system for the project and our industrial design team will assist the designer with optimal material selections and systems for off-site fabrication.  Our Construction Management division can consult on site considerations such as project phasing and items related to rigging and installation of modular units.



Once full design documents are available, Mark Line will generate a detailed GMP estimate with specifications for review by the client.  In the course of this process we will also offer value engineering concepts based on our 45+ years experience in off-site fabrication.

Due to Mark Line’s size and national reach, we have beneficial relationships with many material suppliers as a preferred national account and we will suggest alternate equals that may be beneficial based on supply chain considerations.  We will also provide alternates that might streamline the modular fabrication process (for instance, higher grade finishes can often be supplied at similar costs due to labor reductions).

4 Pre-Construction


After a fabrication contract has been executed between Mark Line and the client the pre-construction process begins.  Depending on the project, Mark Line will take the architectural set and further detail them to create fabrication shop drawings and also design elements unique to modular construction (gasketing and weather protection between units, seam coverage details, fastening systems for interconnection of units, and interconnection of MEPs).

The modular pre-construction process typically takes slightly longer than conventional as the team is designing a system to deliver a building in an optimal fashion.  Modular construction compresses the construction timeline dramatically so material submittals and selections happen quickly.

5 Fabrication


The building is fabricated utilizing the latest in equipment and modern manufacturing processes.  Buildings are rigorously inspected under our  rigorous Quality Management System and by a third-party engineering agency that acts as an impartial inspector of all work-in-progress.  Units are packaged for shipment and delivered to the construction site upon completion.

See below for a short gallery of modular units being fabricated off-site at our Indiana facility.

6 Installation + Finishing


Mark Line can provide installation services and project management oversight in the field, or this can be handled by the site contractor with consultation from our project manager.  Watch video below of a single story and multi-story building being installed in the field.